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11.25.18 - Bend-A-Thon 2018 - Artist Talk & Instrument Demo - MakerBar 38 Jackson St 3rd Fl, Hoboken

11.29.18 - Henry Birdsey, HSFB, Jen Kutler - Tubby’s 586 Broadway, Kingston, NY

11.30.18 - Phantom Erratic #16 - w/Cube, Miatta Kawinzi, HSFB, Yvette Janine Jackson - Root Cellar Greenfield, MA 8pm

12.08.18 - Her Environment Artist Workshop - Woodbine 1882 Woodbine St, Ridgewood Queens, NY

12.14.18 - Surrounded: Experiments in Quad with WISE - Spectrum 70 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 7pm

12.22.18 - Noise Festivus 1 6pm-1am Muchmore’s 2 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY

01.26-02.15 - Entanglements Exhibition @ The Yards Gallery 2028 S Canalport Ave, Chicago, IL

02.09.19 - International Noise Conference 2019 - Churchills, Miami, FL

02.15-22.19 - Signal Culture AIR, Owego, NY




Jen Kutler is a sound based performer and sculptor. She modifies found objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender, queerness and intimacy to create atypical instruments. Her performances feature many of her instruments incorporated with immersive field recordings to explore common and discrepant experiences of familiar social tones in immersive sound environments.




I use sounds and objects that are considered to be inherently sexual due to the cultural objectification and hyper-sexualization of women. I then build interactive electronic systems to modify, re-contextualize and transform these materials into personal systems that become symbols of the substance of multifaceted people that are feminine.





The Other 

The Other is a polyphonic textural synthesizer driven by skin contact between two people. The system is able to recognize very subtle changes in pressure and movement allowing for a detailed sonic response. The audio created by touch helps cultivate both increased focus on physical sensations and intensified auditory distractions from interactions with the other. This causes the way the other person is perceived to shift continuously between being a fellow human and being an object. The Other explores physical interactions with other people as they relate to presence, fear, vulnerability, empathy, intimacy and the connections between them.

Image above is from a My Wife performance with Carlos Aguilera. Video to the left is a short demonstration of a sculptural version of The Other using a modified shovel and hand sewn copper thread pillow case. The tighter the grip, the more audio response is produced by skin to skin contact. Demonstrated by Tim Light.


Link & line


Link And Line is a sound sculpture that consists of a sewing machine and a vibrator that have been modified to produce sound. The motors are triggered by key presses on a traditional keyboard and the notes produced correspond to the key pressed. The audience is encouraged to experiment with the sounds by playing the keyboards. In addition to these notes, they produce unpredictable sounds, motor tones and other audio artifacts by interfering in electromagnetic instrument pickups. The pickups are amplified by small speakers at the base of each object respectively. Melodic and timbral exchanges between the sewing machine and vibrator can result in either object interfering with the other's electromagnetic pickup and playing through the other's speaker.


Line was played inside her body and amplified through an electromagnetic pickup resting on on the surface of her skin during a collaborate performance Ob(ject)struct with Rebecca Ruth Borrer at Confetti Machine 2018 real time media festival at Outpost Artist Resources in Queens, NY.

Using hand made electronic interfaces such as copper wires to be touched and hacked vibrator synthesizers, audio and video are generated and manipulated by sharing water, electromechanical interference and electro-human sex and uses digital media to map the liminal spaces surrounding the deep and frequent emotional exchanges between intimacy and tech.

Photo by Eric Souther


generating values

Generating Values is a piece about discrepant experiences of the same surroundings and its relationship to social conduct. Two participants are presented with the same video content simultaneously which includes simple lines, technical specifications, images related to race and gender, geometric patterns, and other visual stimulation. Using hacked EEG sensors, the electrical patterns in the participants brains are measured and translated to MIDI signals. Different types of activity and mental states dictate the values that are produced. The values are then interpreted to generate two channels of audio and manipulate the original video signal. Over the course of the piece, the data stream is smoothed and becomes a standard, alluding to the ethical standards we develop as the interpretation of our surroundings molds our principles.



A live audio-only version of Generating Values recorded at the Wave Farm 20th Anniversary Performance at Fridman Gallery from October, 2017. 



Women’s Work

Women’s Work is a floor cleaning robot sculpture fitted with a turntable tonearm, effects processing and speaker system onboard. It translates the surface on which its placed into sound and low frequency feedback. A series of modified play surfaces include wood, linoleum, scrap metal and collages made of widely celebrated vinyl records containing blatantly misogynist, homophobic and transphobic content spanning many genres.


The Whether


The Whether is a sound sculpture with a pair of panties frozen into a block of ice on a rotating plate. An arm is angled above the ice and processes the size and shape of the ice to generate audio. Based on harmonics of harmonics of the oscillations of black holes, The Whether creates an sonic representation of matter under the idea that all things, tangible and intangible are harmonics of this fundamental sound in the universe. As the ice melts, the shape of the ice and panties change causing the harmonics to shift until the ice is completely thawed and only the panties remain.


Photo by Craig Chin of Errant Space at Wave Farm Audio Buffet Acra, NY 2018




Casting is an interactive sound sculpture that reacts to shadows. The audience is invited to look into their shadow as it is cast on the piece. When engaged, the piece generates an ambient soundscape of manipulated field recordingS and explores discrepancies between auditory documents of memory and memory as it is re-constructed in the mind. Casting utilizes audio of common childhood sound environments and replays it as manipulated samples and granular audio based on the motion, shape and intensity of the shadows cast on it. As the piece is engaged, the user adjusts their body shape and shadow to create sounds that seem pleasing or interesting, rather than listening to the results of their shadow as it originally fell. This mimics the way that we often choose to remember the past differently and experiment with our own sense of the memory.




ADSRain is a mobile sound sculpture composed of an umbrella with added electronics to transduce rain drops into synthetic tones. Participants are invited to wear headphones while walking in the shelter of ADSRain and listen to the various pit pats, drones, buzzes, hums and rhythms produced by the wind and rain striking the umbrella.

Check upcoming for ADSRain group walks around NYC and the Hudson Valley.


penetrating silence

Penetrating Silence is a sound piece in which audio is transduced through a dental bite plate to be heard through the teeth and jaw. The use of facial muscles to express emotion affects the tonal quality and overall volume of the audio as it is travels.

This relationship constructs a feedback loop between the expression of emotion, the transduction of the sound and the quality of the audio content that is designed to bring these emotional responses about.