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08.27.17 Hudson Valley Improvisational Music Society Presents: La Musa Trio w/ T.J. Borden & My Wife feat. Max Hamil 8pm at Spotty Dog 440 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

09.10.17 Guest on WGXC 90.7FM Wave Farm Radio 6-8PM with Sam Sebren Everything is Real Radio - Tune in

09.20.17 My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts 35 N. Chestnut Street New Paltz, NY

09.22.17 Opening reception of Earshot, a sound sculpture exhibition featuring a collection of instruments, objects, and things that make noise.
Featuring: Nina Behrle, Margaret Noble, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Jen Kutler, Cecilia Lopez, Julia Stoddard, Ken Butler, Matthew D. Gantt, Ethan Primason, Tim Spelios, Stuart Lantry, Skip Laplante.
Earshot will be on view September 22nd - October 15th, Wednesday through Sunday, 1-6pm.
Organized by Mia Wendel-DiLallo and Ruth Kahn. Outpost Artist Resources 1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, NY

09.30.17 Hudson Valley Machine Appreciation Presents: Synth Meet II 93 Main St. New Paltz, NY

10.13.17 Its an Experiment - 47 8th St Hudson, NY 10PM

10.14.17 Earshot Group Performance - Outpost Artist Resources 1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, NY

10.21.17 WaveFarm 1997-2017: Twenty Performances for Twenty Years. This durational celebration features live performances by twenty co-conspirators and collaborators who represent the span of Wave Farm, from its earliest days as the free103point9 artist collective through to the present day. Participating artists include: 31 Down, Ed Bear, Lea Bertucci, Olivia Bradley-Skill, Damian Catera, Corcorax, Brian Dewan, Anna Friz, Michael Garofalo, Howardian, Tianna Kennedy, Jeff Kolar, C Lavender, LoVid, Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere, Tom Roe, Stick Sellers, Melissa Weaver, Gregory Whitehead, Bryan Zimmerman and Jen Kutler. Limited-edition event poster by Maximilian Goldfarb. "Every Radio Station" installation by Jeff Thompson. Fridman Gallery 287 Spring St New York, NY

10.27.17 Neighborly - A benefit for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood 140 Fairview Hudson, NY 5PM-8PM

10.28.17 Data Cult Audio :: Podcast Release #0029 Jen Kutler :: Available at

12.08.17 Henry Birdsey, Max Hamel, Jen Kutler and Palberta - Spotty Dog 440 Warren St Hudson, NY 8PM

01.28.18 Zach Rowden, Max Hamel, Jen Kutler - Spotty Dog 440 Warren St Hudson, NY 





The Other 

The Other is a polyphonic textural synthesizer driven by skin contact between two people. The system is able to recognize very subtle changes in pressure and movement allowing for a detailed sonic response. The audio created by touch helps cultivate both increased focus on physical sensations and intensified auditory distractions from interactions with the other. This causes the way the other person is perceived to shift continuously between being a fellow human and being an object. The Other explores physical interactions with other people as they relate to presence, fear, vulnerability, empathy, intimacy and the connections between them.

Link & line

Link And Line is a sound sculpture that consists of a sewing machine and a vibrator that have been modified to produce sound. The motors are triggered by key presses on a traditional keyboard and the notes produced correspond to the key pressed. The audience is encouraged to experiment with the sounds by playing the keyboards. In addition to these notes, they produce unpredictable sounds, motor tones and other audio artifacts by interfering in electromagnetic instrument pickups. The pickups are amplified by small speakers at the base of each object respectively. Melodic and timbral exchanges between the sewing machine and vibrator can result in either object interfering with the other's electromagnetic pickup and playing through the other's speaker.


generating values

Generating Values is a piece about discrepant experiences of the same surroundings and its relationship to social conduct. Two participants are presented with the same video content simultaneously which includes simple lines, technical specifications, images related to race and gender, geometric patterns, and other visual stimulation. Using hacked EEG sensors, the electrical patterns in the participants brains are measured and translated to MIDI signals. Different types of activity and mental states dictate the values that are produced. The values are then interpreted to generate two channels of audio and manipulate the original video signal. Over the course of the piece, the data stream is smoothed and becomes a standard, alluding to the ethical standards we develop as the interpretation of our surroundings molds our principles.



A live audio-only version of Generating Values recorded at the Wave Farm 20th Anniversary Performance at Fridman Gallery from October, 2017. 



ADSRain is a mobile sound sculpture composed of an umbrella with added electronics to transduce rain drops into synthetic tones. Participants are invited to wear headphones while walking in the shelter of ADSRain and listen to the various pit pats, drones, buzzes, hums and rhythms produced by the wind and rain striking the umbrella.

Check upcoming for ADSRain group walks around NYC and the Hudson Valley.


penetrating silence

Penetrating Silence is a sound piece in which audio is transduced through a dental bite plate to be heard through the teeth and jaw. The use of facial muscles to express emotion affects the tonal quality and overall volume of the audio as it is travels.

This relationship constructs a feedback loop between the expression of emotion, the transduction of the sound and the quality of the audio content that is designed to bring these emotional responses about.







Jen Kutler is a sound based performer, sculptor and maker. She modifies found objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender and intimacy to create atypical instruments. Her performances feature many of her instruments incorporated with immersive field recordings to explore common and discrepant experiences of familiar sound environments.